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I See You

Posted in pin the tail on the love, thought spills by enisea on 21/12/2009

Having just witnessed the unfolding of the long-awaited, “most-expensive movie of all time”, Avatar. I was not unimpressed, to say the least. I exited the cinema gawking at the concepts of a fresh kind of patriotism, beautifully illustrated and original ideas of bonds, of relationships within creation and of course the love story. “Nobility” was the one element that reverberated through me for the remainder of my memory of the film.

I woke this morning and lay awake for 30minutes under the heavy sheets of the spare bed’s winter covering (on the 21st day of summer) , reflecting on my latest friendship and relationship dilemmas, its ties with the recently watched film as well as a couple of comments made by the two friends I watched and dinnered with which happened to haunt me throughout the night until 4am (which was when I had finally returned home and paraded straight to the spare bedroom). Oh, and excuse my attempts at breaking the world record of length-of-a-sentence.

I think my infatuation with Avatar is to do with the fairytale compilation of desired and admired human qualities which James Cameron decided cleverly to inject into his creation of the Na’vi race. Why is it clever? Because humanity can’t seem to attain it to such a selfless level that we admire, destroy or accidentally both it.

The one line that melted me was the distinct Na’vi implication of three words: I see you.  Why? Because it hummed understanding, relevance and acceptance.  What is love besides unconditional acceptance and the motivation to better another with potential risk/cost to self? The Na’vi seemed to possess a healthy caution, total respect for those who bore them, a colossal appreciation of their surroundings, the selflessness of unity, mighty bitey fight, and an immoveable faith in the network that had sewn them together. The love story was conceived from the command of a highly respected mother to her daughter, contracting her to teaching the “Dream-walker” the ways of The People. I think, it was this initially forced frequency between the two from which “love” (in the sense we consider “fallen into” as if it were a trap) was birthed. Because frequent interaction, much like the gradual erosion of rain on rocks wears down not only our defenses but arms us with a different perspective that searches others. When we begin to believe we need not defend our castles, our hearts, from another because they have made signs of peace and so far they haven’t lied about it, we instead spend our opportunities with them, exploring. Dare I say, most times, stripped from superficiality, we like what we find. Because different perspectives intrigue us, captivate us with beautiful stories, challenge us and perhaps change us; while common ground uncovered is territory shared. To be seen is to be known and still accepted. So how can you begin to see another, know another if you have no opportunities to explore them because time is not a currency you have wished to afford them? I am quite sure being seen chases tails with frequency, because having seen another and decided they are love-worthy, we then wish to continue frequency. This is my first point.

We, humanity, want to be seen.  

So the friend who drove me home after the movie and I had a conversation regarding make-up, which he argued as being a lie and fake, etc, etc. Even though I couldn’t gauge his level of sincerity regarding the matter, I think I’ve got it figured out. Here we go, why girls wear make-up… . Other than the fact that the media has drummed in a particular “acceptable” image of “the beautiful woman”, it is worn essentially for reasons of being seen. We’ve only been cornered into believing that being seen is the result of our exterior, of the stretch of skin we live within. Therefore, if we are beautiful then others will be willing to afford opportunities to spend time on us, to then see us, and that hunger to be known, to be seen, is finally satisfied.  Because we yearn to be seen, recognised, accepted, loved not by the face we wear but by the person we are.

So, that is why a sincere breath of “I see you” is such a romantic notion to me, not simply confined to borders of companionship between man and woman, but all relationships and friendships alike.

Good day, my loves.


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  1. Rleebaba said, on 28/01/2010 at 5:24 PM

    I just watched Avatar last night and recalled this post of yours. Re-read it, re-lovin’ it!

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