the dance of the ink riddled fingers

She will be loved

Posted in frozen frames, pin the tail on the love, thought spills by enisea on 28/12/2009

There are two beautiful women very close to my heart.  It’s beautiful calling them women, though I am twenty and they are younger. Depending on the country and culture, what qualifies a girl to be a woman may either lay claim to womanhood being discovered in the ages 18 or 21 or in achievements of quantifiable kinds.

These two women, who are still without their charming counterparts, I admire and get frustrated over.  I hope God finds them fervent spirit-led, gallant and understanding suitors soon.  Because if it could save them the in between heartache and unnecessary shallow validation, I’d be relieved and thrilled to say the least!

I trust Him with them, these two who make me nearly jealous of their exteriors, their hearts and their cool.

On an entirely separate wave length, human tetris is a reasonably relaxing exercise to engage in on Christmas-After Parties with friends you’d live to die for, unless one of the tetrix pieces is a constantly complaning 12 year old whose voice is accidentally loud. Ok harsh, he’s a great kid who puts up with high-school graduate bullies reminding him how incapable he is of many things.

I love my life. The end.


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