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alcohol is a sad excuse for hype

Posted in epiphany tiffany, thought spills by enisea on 02/01/2010

So last night I drank moderately and the party was alright.  In fact, I think my over-excitement, the previous party and roll-over pending exhaustion combined to tune out a sleepy composition. I had to fight to keep my eyes open for an hour or so. The drive home felt like 5 minutes because I was awake to sing aloud with old-school Keane and then awoke 2 minutes from my house. The night before, since I was driving, I didn’t touch a drop of the stuff and I felt like somebody had ignited firecrackers in my brain, I was abuzz so!

My conclusion: alcohol makes my eyes even smaller, increases body temperature and at its heaviest, assists in disorientation, mind-numbing and liver killing. Don’t get me wrong, I love how some of the stuff goes down, I actually enjoy the burn of a shot of sambuca, for the liquid it is and not the effect it has. I also find jagerbombs highly amusing and a game of skulling I do well at. Lolly drinks? Hand me a coke. Beers? One corona (with lemon) alongside flavoursome chicken, and I’ll be peachy. I think, I’ve finally out-grown the teenage popular culture alcohol hype. I don’t need it to rock the dance floor, I like being sober. I LOVE being sober. My endorphins need only to catch sight of a light-up dance floor or hear a line of a familiar dance-worthy song to send commands to my feet to start stepping.

Last night’s corona, lolly-drink and desert wine disappointed me. Because as teenage popular culture would have you believe, alcohol is the blood that fills the veins of a good party and keeps it pumping. If you’ve consumed enough, however, you won’t remember anything except perhaps throwing up. Um, try overrated. I am, however, totally impressed with the rarity of young people who don’t need a drop of alcohol to be a lively personality both in and outside party occasions. Because it means confidence and surety in their own character not to pursue the assistance of substances to be so-call “fun”.

The poor word, Sober, has endured many a misunderstanding and misinterpretation, with such connotations as: boring, gray, old, melancholy, defensive, etc and so forth. Yet none of these youthful despises are at all accurate!

I love sober, and really,
so should you.


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