the dance of the ink riddled fingers

life is affogato

Posted in frozen frames, thought spills by enisea on 10/01/2010

Completely novelty.
A little grown up.
A little childish.
Melting vanilla-smooth sweets, cold but melting.
Extra strong bitter, hot but cooling.

But for the usual $5 give or take, you’ll taste invincibility and feel the befuddlement of life within the five minutes it takes you to devour your affogato. Close your eyes and open them in time to remember to live in real time, real life.

Dear God, thank you that you are better cure than a shot of espresso ever could be and leave a better taste in my mouth than it every would. Thank you for hope. Thank you for simple pleasures. Thank you for the people we share said simple pleasures with. Oh, and thank you for symmetry, I like it a lot.


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