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Posted in epiphany tiffany, thought spills by enisea on 13/01/2010

I’m twenty, with little penny, and believe to have worked out: money.

It could be stupid to say, “The more I care about money, the less I have and the less I care about it (without being careless) the more I have [or: I have enough]”. But there, I just said it.

Abba has been teaching me a little about the cares of generousity and rules of thumb in terms of His provision and such. It has only been a few months, I think, since the epiphany of prosperity “Do you think I give you money for you to keep to and for yourself only?”, said He.  It appears the more we’re faithful with, the more we are entrusted with (true story), and therefore the more we practice generousity, the more we’re rewarded by it.

To prove it, I’ve been blessed lately by 3 gentlemen (who have no interest in me, have their own debts yet still practice generousity) who on 3 separate occasions made me feel like the world couldn’t have cost a cent because it was so cheap to make momentarily “right”. Wahaha! I mean, to be reminded how easy it is to tell somebody, you’re worth enough for me to want to spend this on you, to buy this movie, or coffee or meal for you. It’s liberating and honourable. So, I must therefore do likewise.  Because it takes the focus off money being worth much yet of little quantity onto the fact that it is paper (or this plastic) that cannot bring lasting satisfaction unless shared.

The End.


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