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Unwanted blood,

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day? by enisea on 14/01/2010

Yes, today I had scheduled an appointment for blood donation, but having made myself available, they decided upon my arrival that my blood was not up to standard. Something about my haemoglobin level being much too low… Mmm, whatchu say? Mmm, that you only meant well, well of course you did. Mmm, whatchu say? That it’s all for the best? Of course it is. Who wants unsatisfactory blood?

Well today I spent the day with MY FAVOURITE PERSON. EVER. (I say that with ever genuine tone because she’ll read this). I realised today how much she complains.  She’s spoilt because too many boys fall over themselves on account of her, and she’s too easily charmed. Stupid woman. She’s probably yelling “I hate you!” at the screen right now. So I rebut, “I’m KIDDING!’…No, I’m not. It’s true. But I’ll say good things later”.

So travel us, from Melbourne Central to Sister Bella, where there happened to be no chicken parmas or meatballs but pizzas, of which we received one of the two that we ordered and one pizza-we-only-realised-wasn’t-the-correct-order-half-way-through-eating-it. The water probably wasn’t worth mentioning, it was ordinary. Then with 2 minutes to spare before my appointment with a bank who would reject my blood, we powerwalk to the Bourke Street centre. After, we tram to docklands and walk through Habourtown, each buying a $3 navyblue singlet, hers-small, and mine-large, which came in a perfectly shameful, pink “greenbag”. We spent the cents only after I refused to agree that a dress was worth $30 and insisted I could make it easily for cheaper…we’ll see how far my word travels.  I laughed at her situation with one of her admirers. We both laughed. We ate icecream on a pier before walking back to a tramstop took the tram to Bourke Street and then changed trams up Swanston til Grattan.  I show her to my favourite 2nd hand book store where I eventually buy a $1 book for the sake of buying one. Then together walk back to The University of Melbourne, where I had begun my day. I introduced her to my prospective employer, my to-be workplace (which I believe she approved) and walk her through my favourite parts of the university, Frank Tate (my lover in form of a building).

Oh, how I love that our conversations are becoming richer! I love spilling thoughts and thoughts of life and progress to another who would understand! Because I’m sure upon sure that we’ll be growing much together this year, along with another two. I love that we share our progress, our growing dissatisfaction with current situations and over-rated hype systems and share also an expanding hunger and desperation for a God who is infinite in love and power! I love having her back. I really do. Thank’s Abba for beauty in people.

So celebrate love, life, friends and best friends!  Appreciate pizzas, icecream, money and bargains!

Twenty-ten, you’ve tickled my belly and I’m loving the shallow water-play in sunshine at the moment, let me enjoy a little more before you sweep me into open seas and rough storms smooth me over. Whichever you plan to schedule, know that I am besides the best friends- firm and faith-filled women I would ever have imagined!

BITE ME, SUNSHINE! I’M READY FOR THE BURN! (eh heh, I say that now)


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  1. Rleebaba said, on 14/01/2010 at 6:21 PM

    Hello beautiful. I love your words, and how you always find the beauty in life. You inspire me, and for that, thank you :)

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