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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 17/01/2010

Yesterday I and my two bright-and-shinings went to the beach. For those who also tried such an escapade, the wind was torturous; whipping the sand against our bare legs as if tiny creatures had loaded tiny machine-guns with sand and were relentlessly shooting us.  Since we’d all worn our thongs onto the beach instead of leaving them in the car (as I wisely suggested), we chose a spot to bury them and find them again after our attempt to brave the choppy front. We’ve never seen red and yellow flags at Carrum beach until today, there was a generous 10 meters between them! We laughed and didn’t swim.

In our later bid to salvage tradition for reminisce’s sake, we had fish and chips which we weren’t allowed to eat in the RX8 because one of my stars loves his car more than tradition. So we ate it in the “shelter” of the back of the life-saving clubhouse. Needless to say: salty, crunchy. Our day tapered to a close via means of indecision, narrations of Taylor Swift, endless complaints, very sharp grass, mindless laughter, blaming each other for lack of planning, head massages, yeeeaaahhh. It’s been about a year since we’ve been to the beach together, since we’ve been out together, us three, since the car crash, since we’ve all lived relatively separate lives in 2009.

Part 2: I went partying tonight (last night). Turns out I have a weakness for guys with coordination. Yes, just a few posts back I promised not to flirt, but there was no flirting. Only dancing. Not even dancing with, just dancing in the company of. It’s normal for the general population of yuppy guys at parties or clubs to have a low standard of dancing capabilities: mostly bopping, head nodding or attempts (successful and unsucessful alike) of grinding -there is nothing more unattrative or unimpressive than grinding. So I was genuinely impressed and gleeful that our ‘posse’ included two noticeably good dancers. I told one of them he was a good dancer. Because it was true.

Now to sleep. It’s 3:49am the next day but I’m still living in Saturday. Church tomorrow. Mmm, church. I love it. Hello Jesus, wake me in time for a shower, I pray! Thank you for beaches, dancing, people who drive around and simple pleasures.

The end.


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