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how to cure a lonely morning:

Posted in 52 pickup, frozen frames by enisea on 18/01/2010

This morning, I rolled out of bed to Death Cab for Cutie‘s Bixby Canyon Bridge & No Sunlight. That wasn’t the lonely part.

The house was empty. But that wasn’t the lonely part either.

I stood at the door of the bathroom, staring at my reflection wondering if I looked good, deciding after about 5 minutes (about 300 seconds) that it was probably a good idea to walk away. Nor was that the lonely part.

After walking aimlessly and undecided through the rooms of the house – walking downstairs, then upstairs and back down again – wondering if I should listen to music in the lounge room or my bedroom. I decide the lounge room has a better sound system. Then scouting the bookcase for a cd I felt like listening to, I find none and go back upstairs to look at my more extensive range. Still none. I walk into Ally’s room and decide on the new Jesus Culture album that everyone’s been crazy about and I’ve yet to listen to. It’s lying plain as day in the middle of the table. I took it back downstairs, and fed it to the dvd player.

Then, I was lonely.

And I don’t even know why.

Indoor Tea-Party. Whipped Cream. Fairy bread. Home-made, fresh scones. Scrabble.


Reassess emotion: better. Much.


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