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The City We Created.

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 21/01/2010


We are the kings and queens of pop…ups. Everything lately has been very lyrical. Apparently I’ve been looking for the song in the ordinary.

So I spent the last evening with a great friend, who drove me into town, bought a chocolate something-wonderful which he shared with me while we thought, he drew, I cut, he cut, I sticky-taped and made folding adjustments to our very first pop-up page.

 Then, we made our way to the Northcote Social Club (301 High St), except we walked into number 303 and only realised 10 minutes in that we were in fact, wrongly located. We quickly corrected ourselves, after a little embarrassment.

The white A4 taped to the desk guarding the entrance to the carpeted function room told me they were The Gabriel Lynch Band, and that they were worth $10 for the time I would watch them. That cleaned me out. Being a university student, I traditionally spent hard enough within the first half of the month to be left with a measly three dollars for the next ten days.

Thick matte-black cords snaked the stage as naturally as vines on the forest floor.  It took me about 4 songs to determine among my voice recognition critiques what my memory of them would from now on be affiliated with. To me, they were a heavily cinnamon dusted, extra spicy chai latte.  A soothing, smooth, characterful concoction- just short of scorching (as that is the best temperature for the such drinks), they were.  Desperate and whimsical tunes beckoned me to close my eyes and allow seduction caress my imagination with explosions of colour – reminiscing unborn memories.  Delightfully nonsensical! A thrilling sort of warm, with pulsing swells of glorious tension. Ahhh, taste the undulating euphoria of live music! I miss this place. I promise to return! 

Yet within the thirty minutes it took to drive home, Kanye, The Killers, Leonardo’s Bride, Tayor Swift, The YeahYeahYeahs, The Almost, Anberlin and Van She successfully freed me (however unwilling) from my infatuation with Gabriel Lynch. And though MySpace tries to reacquaint me with a new familiarity of Gabriel Lynch, there’s something about live music which ensures my adoration of him/them remains a personal affair.

Once loved live, hardly loved otherwise.


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