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The Cool Christian

Posted in handfuls of ambition, thought spills by enisea on 12/02/2010

I’ve tried it before.

I’ve tried to be a cool Christian. I found that in these attempts, my definitions of cool and my standards of Christianity as well as my grasp on identity were as temperamental as Melbourne’s weather. This, for those unfamiliar with Melbourne’s weather- has a reputable diagnostic of bipolar syndrome (manic unpredictability).  In the past (and even at times presently), the Christianity I wore depended on what was more comfortable or convenient. Whichever lifted me more favourably in the eyes of those I didn’t know or who didn’t know me well; whatever made me prettier a person or more popular for party invitations; whatever meant minimal sacrifice along the path of least resistance. This, I admit is the definition of self-righteous selfishness and totally perverts Christianity with indecisiveness and inconsistency which does nothing for the person or for God, but becomes less than useless – it becomes hypocritical.

I always love meeting cool Christians. Like a really cool Christian. Because I love to be able to feel the presence of God in their company, I like to be able to taste the wisdom in their words and be inspired and challenged by God-laid conversation. I like to witness justice as moved by compassion into action, into reality. I like to see their smile light up those around them. I like to see them heal broken hearts and offer solutions by speaking hope into the hopeless and love into the unloved and abused. I love to be in the company of one unaffected by fashion conventions and shallow look-good-like-we-tell-you-to conformities. I want to know somebody who does not judge people by popularity or exterior conventions nor make typical assumptions or boorish comments. I want to observe passion uncaged and passion effective. Somebody aware of time and who despises the waste of it; somebody generous regardless of circumstance.  They never need any sort of substance to be lively, to be fun because their character and personality is abundantly entertaining! Will you notice them as somebody disgusted by compromise, strikingly honest and who treats every soul with utmost respect. I need to know there are people out there who will search for gold in every set of eyes, who would cover the shame of others and bite an undeserved bullet sacrificially – because those they determine to protect are too weak to hack another shot.  Somebody whose life echoes something colossally greater than themselves, who eyes gleam with excitement about life – short as it is! Who are fearless in appropriating faith and happy not to take everything at face value! Tell me the names of those cool Christians unashamed of their dependence on God and even boastful of such reliance on the supernatural! Who would see past the next week and into eternity! Who would go without so another could prosper? Who would be willing to be refined like silver through fire, and guide others through it also? Who never needed to be accompanied to do the right thing – whose desire for excellence was so desperate, that it would be sort after alone! Whose strength and perseverance is admirable at its weakest! Who could never use another for selfish intent – somebody to trust? Then, you would never doubt humanity again. If you found even one of these, you’d want more than you have and wished you never settled for less, for smaller, for mediocre.

I want to be a cool Christian. Well frankly, I’d just like to be a Christian, a real one.  Hopefully I’ll be cool one day too.


ps: I googled and came up with wiki’s How to Be a Cool Christian. It’s totally rubbish, I recommend reading it:


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  1. Rleebaba said, on 17/02/2010 at 8:09 AM

    HAHAhaaa that is funny stuff I say, that link… but exactly what we always hear in church anyway!!
    but guess what nikki, I think you’re a cool Christian in that you’re still trying to get there.. because everything we do will be perpetually tainted by our selfishness and depravity. But what counts is the heart right, huh huh… cliche but true, for His grace is forever sufficient! xo

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