the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in epiphany tiffany by enisea on 25/02/2010

I’ve been trying to learn to despair less and talk less…i do both too much, concerning myself and towards those I love.

Also, since I talk so much, I say I want to do too much that I cannot afford time to or is simply overbearing for me alone. Thus I say things I do not act upon and my words are brittle. I hate the talk is cheap scenario. But I am too strong an accidental ambassador for it.  I figure, if I shut my mouth and limit my talking, I’ll learn (eventually) only to disperse words with weight and words that matter, do away with folly and unnecessary chatter. Then my words might become something valuable. Because honest to goodness, I think talk should never be cheap. Talk is the stuff friendship begins with and that feeds any sort of passion. Communication should not become loose change.

But I love it when you talk to me. I love it when you open your mouth to build a bridge between us which we meet upon and find that life is between us and in common. I like having life in common with you. I like common ground. And I like you.

Maybe we can sit down and talk sometime. Or you do the talking.


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