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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 25/02/2010

I’ve been flipping channels tonight. Since coming home from dinner with the family plus a cousin in Box Hill, I’ve been trying to entertain myself via projections from the family’s 52inch. So far I’ve watching talented people dance, and then witness comedy become sickeningly sexually orientated and thus cripple itself through repetition and unoriginality, and romantic comedy paint a hopelessly incomplete picture of “love”, and finally sigh at scripted good looking people being heroes and trying to deal with passions confused and loves abused.

I want to be a good dancer – attractive and cleverly so.  I also want to be funny, but witty and timely and original.  But more then these, I want to be a hero. Oh yes and equally so, I want to be “in love”. And here I begin to wonder if my television is spiking my drink or even influencing my thoughts. Ahh.  Media is a beautifully commanding master to the bored and indecisive, for it makes one feel in control, when actually, brainwashing was used rather than string.

I wrote Hallelu Yah on my arm this morning because it was the first time I’d seen it spelt like that in the bible and because I believed I needed such obvious physical reminders to Praise the Lord.

I finished reading C.S.Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters today. Took me a while, I didn’t like the later written Screwtape Proposes a Toast as much as I enjoyed the letters themselves.  It’s become easier to chew and swallow his pages of divine thought and exquisite literacy type.  Next stop: Mere Christianity. So, with boast, I say: C.S.L has broken my book drought, having penned the first two completed reads since compulsory VCE novels three or four years ago!

I…have, of late, been slightly haunted by relationships, friendships, intentions and fairytales. What is real, what is imagined. What is possible, what is fantasy. Which relationships I greedily drink from and expect to provide for me at every meeting. Which I need to toil for. Which to attend to cautiously and which to chase desperately. Which are dying and which of them I need to let die.

I am 95% sure I have a job, at a cute little cafe at The University of Melbourne. It’s called Tsubu.

I am about halfway through the bible now since September first, last year. Am now about to dig into Psalm 107 before sleeping in my prides and pitfalls.

I suppose you could say that you know me now. That’s all that swims in my head that I have caught and gutted for whatever/whoever cares and enjoys updates…myself include. Mikee usually puts timemarks on his blog, this is mine.  I’m probably hiding much, but only because I’m too afraid to say them out loud, and not because I don’t trust you. I just don’t like looking stupid…or maybe I don’t trust the internet.

Life has been a [rollercoaster is so cliche and I don’t like cliche but cliche is cliche for its capacity to be blanket truth] Giant Drop – I was just at Queensland  for a holiday and this ride is true about life. Being frighteningly scary and exciting and exhilarating- predictable except for timing. But life is more precarious and the drop from greater heights than 39storeys with not harness but love [love in the purest, truest, most passionate sense of the word].

ps: I love being loved.


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  1. saNdra said, on 26/02/2010 at 4:40 PM

    waH!! so much LIFE! is happening for ya!

    ohla Tsubu.. it is pretty neat. walked by it randomly.
    ohhh..The Screwtape Letters is something i was always meant to read. Thanks for the reminder =]

    lol. i wonder if we are goina upgrade our analogue tv XD

  2. Rleebaba said, on 28/02/2010 at 6:27 AM

    Mere Christianity changed my mind about C.S. Lewis… it’s amazing

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