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The Friendly Curse

Posted in thought spills by enisea on 27/02/2010

So, yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised to be messaged by 5 people I haven’t seen in a while. We mostly share the absence of a couple of months or years between us, none of these 5 (as far as I know) have any relation to each other- which was why I was so thrilled to have heard from them! Honestly, it felt like Christmas – it felt like no coincidence that suddenly forgotten people on the same day make their way back onto my phone, and into my life…here comes the “but”.

BUT the thing is, I’m frightfully friendly. I was so keen and excited to have their shadow back in my view of life I may have smothered them in what may be misconstrued as total adoration… I seem to drown them in the same excitement I have; and mistakenly assume they’re just as excited to hear from me as I am from them.

This is my friendly curse. I get too excited about old friends and new friends that I shoo them away and in fact the only ones who seem to stick around are the ones who are either equally strange (i love, i love), more so, or fearless.

Ps: Attil called (he who I shall soon be calling “Boss”), and I’m to be at to the workplace at 9am on Wednesday morning.  If you’re a Melbourne Uni kid, come say hi. I have no idea what I’ll be doing but probably something to do with training, scheduling, making terrible coffees and spilling things…I can’t wait!  Although I would be horrified if in my friendly exchanges with customers and my excitement about regulars, I, true to form, scare them away…

Oh goodness. I really hope not.

Pps: I’m really not in love with you. I’m just so excited having recalled the memory of you…that you now cower at my conversation. Looks like it’d be another couple months til you recover. Ugh. The ones that got away.

Ppps: But really, change my conduct or change my name?


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