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Oh look, it’s hailing rocks!

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 06/03/2010

Not even an hour ago, the sister, cousin and I were cosy on the couch, watching…something, I can’t remember now. When the sound of an enormous snapping came to ear. The first three I ignored, but then Ma shouted at Dad, thinking he was doing something stupid outside.  Ally jumps up from the couch as these deafening cracks frequent each second, and I’m suddenly gripped with the panic that our outdoor arrangement is in the process of falling apart! We rush to the back door all knowing that the father’s outside and my eyes flit from every beam, because to me, it sounded like beams were snapping in half under the weigh of something unnatural! Still protective of my dad, I yelled at him to come inside because I honestly imagined all the perspex, structures and beams coming down because the hail was hitting it with such vigor! Dad was laughing and I wanted to scream at him. It took a whole 20 seconds for me to calm down as he retrieved hailstone after hailstone, the first ones, slightly smaller than golf balls – and already we were all so flabbergasted! It was incredible! Never in our lives had we ever seen hail this size! We jumped with excitement like children who had been given candy and blocked our ears because the hail on the perspex broke normal decibel levels.

Then Mother asked me to check the windows weren’t open since the cooler was operating at the time. I run upstairs and check the main window, realising that I didn’t actually open it when I was should’ve. I then checked the parent’s bathroom since they leave the window open often. I found the floor wet and sighed to myself, then upon closer observation, I noticed the window was actually closed and then scanning the details, find it broken, and then looking to the ground, I suddenly realise I’m standing upon small pieces of shattered glass. I brush the bottom of my feet and rush down to tell the family, so absolutely amazed that hail could be so cruel.  Then we do a round of the house, to check other damage…

I make a few calls: Aileeny was in the car and had stopped on the side of the road, in a long line of other cars who wisely thought to do likewise, Steven said chaddy was leaking, water-damaged and his car and Cassidy’s resembled the target of many golfballs, Darren’s friends reported QV flooded.  Jolee’s street was surreally carpeted in leaves as the hail had forcibly raped the trees. And apparently all 8 skylights at church were smashed, to compliment broken gutters and much more mess in the wake of the church’s 24th anniversary combine service!

Ahh, Melbourne, your unpredictability has gone too far this time. Good luck calling insurance companies!

Ps: Jesus is coming soon.


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