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these kids

Posted in epiphany tiffany, thought spills by enisea on 14/03/2010

Only a few kids are recognised as able. Most, flagged with learning difficulties and disabilities, special needs and allergies, are talked of as “gifted” and “special” with the kind of connotation that scoffs sarcasm.

But these are the ones I’m called to. These kids I force myself to be around even when selfish reason echoes off the walls of the world sound like now is my time to have fun, my time to be irresponsible. Because the twenties are the in-between times. I’m not yet working, I “study” thirteen hours a week, I’m allowed to be stupid because I’m old enough to do anything but young enough to pretend I didn’t know better…right? Right. Hello?

My friends, most of them, dilute their lives in the delirium of tasteless fervor – somehow convinced that the seeds they sow now won’t grow up to choke their future opportunities.  Because drinking themselves silly is fashionable culture and an untammed tongue spells witful charm…apparently.  Wisdom is less in the level of my peers, and comfort is further. Dare I fail to mention the few, who understand faith as unwavering and consistent, whom I admire unequivocally. But the vast majority choose to flail in the stupor of “drugs, sex and rock and roll” (not that I don’t agree in rock and roll- I sort of love it. Nor am I anti sex, God created it, and I can’t wait, but loveless sex is stupid). I mean to say that every short-term, self-gratifying act is pathetic and stinks of uselessness.  I suppose, my passions aren’t so fierce for those who are admitted to the “young adults” category, but rather to the children, who are fast being abused by a demeaning culture.

I think these kids are my only hope of sanity. The corruption of these kids is going to have me fighting to my grave; because of how repulsed I am by the conventions force-feed to quickly away-with innocence and childish freedom and faith. These kids are the only spot of genuine left here on planet earth, the harshest critics, honest as heck and content with everything that equates value. It’s not until they’re older and they learn to count and are taught to count all that they don’t have, that they learn dissatisfaction and complaint. Shame on us.

Recognised mostly as the “leaders of tomorrow” the “future generation” but hardly as “wholly today“, they are cornered into status quo, overlooked and underappreciated. These kids are the cure to poverty, except because of greed’s predicament, swallow it instead.

I’m going to be a teacher next year…
and I’m going to have to prove that I mean everything that I say
starting now.

These kids are my only hope of fulfilling purpose.


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