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What’s in your hand?

Posted in epiphany tiffany, heroes of mine by enisea on 15/03/2010

It seems that even 10minute conversations with my mentor weighs enough for me to chew through insight without being able to complain or lament thoroughly because my mouth in full.  She’s got the schedule of a queen bee and a well of wisdom which she draws from, enough for me to leave wide-eyed or sufficiently instructed as I leave her.

So I began to illustrate my haze about direction and the future. The months had begun to feel like seasons themselves because everything spins at a speed I’m not used to and so much more has been accomplished lately and I’ve had to learn faster than I did in highschool. Sort of like how Neo got crash courses in every recognised martial art through the matrix…except that I’m not as cool or fast or wired to the “matrix” (…or am I?).  My memory of resolve and direction at the beginning to the year seemed more concise than of late. And the “of-late” had spun me into a confused child hoping not to be caught in a deer-in-headlights situation knowing that a large train is going to run its course in her lifetime and she needs to board it and not be found flattered on its tracks.

“What’s in your hands!” she butted in appropriately before panic had time to seep into my mind. Pause. “What’s in your hands?”. The rest I won’t be able to quote word for word but all that I retained was What has God given you? Where are you now? What are the little things you need to do? Little as getting your assignments in on time, kids church, quiet time. Do the little things and you’ll find you’ve made your way to the station, step by step, ready for this full-steamed train to come whenever God so schedules it. You’ll realise when you’re on it, and you’ll realise when you’ve missed it, but don’t count on seeing it coming before you haste to the platform, because the train is faster than you and you knew it was coming.  It takes a deaf and blind, or simply ignorant communtor to not heed the call-outs. Walk faster and walk the best way you know how.

What’s in your hand?


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