the dance of the ink riddled fingers

My whole-grain jerk is melting

Posted in heroes of mine by enisea on 17/03/2010

It’s been a fair while since I’ve been so comforted within the company of another in silence. Well, technically, there was never silence- either the buzz of a cafe close to midnight or that of your rusty car radio- but my thoughts were louder than all environmental noise, so I hardly noticed the world. The absence of our conversations, to me, were far from awkward.  They were exactly what I needed to hear without the audio, they were an allowance of thoughts to be digested and shared somewhat simultaneously. I love how lately has begun to build upon our honesty- our brute and vulnerable honesty.  We don’t agree but it doesn’t seem to influence our openness.  We really don’t agree sometimes. Just then my fingers were about to type “but that doesn’t matter”…except that it does, it traces roots down to the cores of us but somehow we don’t need to agree to be friends, and very close ones at that! Suffice to say, I believe the jerk who used to frustrate me to wits end is beginning to melt, or maybe I am. And whether you change or not, and/or whether I change or not, I suppose I’m much too hopeful tonight to see this friendship ever starving to death.

I just wanted to say I that I meant that last sentence.

ps: Next to our other company tonight, you were the most intellegent. I’m glad you’re a little cooler than them.


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