the dance of the ink riddled fingers

17 pages to understanding dyslexia…and probably how it feels

Posted in thought spills by enisea on 21/03/2010

I’m having a little trouble distinguishing:

  • phonetic from phonemic
  • phoneme from phonic
  • from allophone
  • from grapheme
  • and what is grapho-phonemic?
  • from phonological…uh…”stuff”
  • phonemic counting, phonemic deletion and phonemic inversion

Not understanding this will actually render reading these 17pages of dyslexic study totally useless. didn’t help much this time. I think I need a human to explain… I challenge thee, to understand and explain! I might love you forever…

Sleep bids me beckon it by reading.

ps: I think I have to curfew myself for saturday night parties [perhaps home by midnight] because setting myself up for overnight tiredness before church is not particularly holy. Or perhaps I’ll train my body to not need more than 6hours per night.

pps: I really enjoyed dancing last night. I like not being crammed – dancing needs freedom of space and shameless fellow dancers, decent music- like NOT riverside.

ppps: I love my sunday kids…I don’t think I’m cool enough for them.


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