the dance of the ink riddled fingers

baby, it’s cold outside

Posted in how was your day?, thought spills by enisea on 11/04/2010

The sun deceptively lures you outside, you unsuspecting hopeful.  And though it looks like the sun is out – she’ll hide herself from you when you try to find her and this invisible cold will chill you gradually until you shiver into realising that indoors might offer a solution.

Rod Steward is melting the chills in me so that I can assassinate my first assignment of the semester (due tomorrow).  I may have turned the heater on too high for such a blessed big house for one lonely inhabitant.  Oh love, outside looks divine – but I won’t trust it – I’ll only long for it from behind the window. Sort of like love. Eh heh, whatevvverrrr.

Ahh, winter blew a kiss today and sends his greetings – says he’ll visit soon.  I shy from his enchantment as he strips both the trees and my soul to something more vulnerable.  But I cannot deny the thrills winter wraps around me, including opportunity and appreciation of warmth – in every dimension of warmth.  Be warned, friends, if you don’t look for smiles – you won’t find them, though searching will never leave you short of them.  I hear winter sheds the most lives in terms of suicides per season, sadly.  But – if you would only find a few frequent beauties (friends, not multiple lovers – I do not agree with multiple lovers) to admire, to quickly defrost the freezing over of loneliness you’ll thrive this winter, yes?

My morning was less than fabulous.  I thought styrofoam would be a great idea for making clouds for the play. I found it light and “easy”. It never crossed my mind that bringing two reasonably big blocks of styrofoam for the children to hack away at – would result in 3mm and 5 girls covered in light “snow” which might take half an hour to attempt to make “disappear”.  I don’t know. I think the little things made me just want to crawl back into bed (I should’ve left the party earlier last night) or into the embrace of somebody bigger than I.  But enough of this chatter.

I have about three and a half hours to try to hack away at this assignment. Dear sunshine, don’t tempt me into daydreams. You look good – like every other distraction – but I don’t have time for you today.

Blessed week, readers. I hope you find something/someone(s) beautiful to warm you this autumn/winter though the chills invade our mornings! Smile. Please. Everyone will need them more this winter. Smiles somehow resonate further and longer in the winter than in summer. I know I’ll be living off them soon.  If mine start running short – lend me yours. Thanks! You’re amazing.


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