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whennnn I growwww upppp…

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 21/04/2010

We sat in a squircle, said our names and what we wanted to be when we grew up.  Having started the circle with my name and current occupation, by the time we’d done the round of 12 kids, most of them had changed their dreams to mimic mine. But not Holly, she still wanted to grow up and be a fairy, we didn’t rain on her parade. Funny how we do that. We find someone we admire and try to change ourselves to be a little like them – most of us anyway.  Dare I call it unoriginality, since the many little unoriginal parts of us build us up as collaborations of our favourite (and of course, not-so-favourite) people. But though we seem to bounce ideas, trial and erroring different mannerisms, old habits and new habits on and off our fellow humans, our different combinations of everybody else make us exactly who we are…differently.

I don’t know my point. Same, same, but different. I just like to reiterate this.

Ps: It’s the beginning of my second week at primary school, of four. I’ve been playing the role of the much adored student teacher. So far, I love my teacher, I love my kids and the feelings seem to be mutual. Who can complain with a young, hands on and with-the-times teacher and a delightfully small class of twelve? I’ve felt myself a little cut off from weekday social life, especially with: 8am to 4/4:30/5/5:30 (and 7pm on two occasions) without my phone, without missing it. I’ve been satisfied returning home to relieving dinners and mindless television.  I hardly consider busying myself on a school-night, knowing I’ll need all my sleep, preparations and immune system to get through another day at school.

Pps: Don’t try to contact me between school hours (not many do) or just don’t get upset if I don’t reply for hours, unless you feel like sending warm thoughts for me to smile at after a day of school. I started crashing at 10pm last night.  The stay-home life of a teacher. I don’t even need a boyfriend to insist the homelife!

Oh, funny story, yesterday I didn’t bring a drink bottle and so probably dehydrated myself, having drank only two cups of water for the 25/27degree day. However, I didn’t even manage to allow those two cups of water realise. So from 8am to 7:15pm, I didn’t pee. I reallllyyyy neeeded to by the time I ran through the door at home. Driving home, I hated myself for taking the stud road/george street route since there were about ten speed humps to overgo! My parents weren’t very impressed with my bodily negligence. I nearly followed the footsteps of one of my girls in class that morning, who bravely admitted to the teacher (before 9am) that she didn’t make it to the toilet on time.  However, I think this was after she sat down at her desk and thought long and hard about it. I sat in a seat early that day and realised that my bottom was a little wet…remembered that morning’s poor girl and wondered if I was her second victim…I really can’t remember if i sat in her seat for a little. I think I did. I’ll make many more mental notes and take make many more observations being a teacher. I’ll need to.



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