the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 28/04/2010
  • I thought it was Monday
  • He sat next to me but I was already contracted to conversation with the other teachers
  • I pasted winter’s months on spring and spring’s months on winter and my preps kept chanting “you make a mistake”
  • I got rejected by warehouse real estate agents twice
  • I ate a banana
  • I sat near him till my teacher sat between us and he left to relieve the office staff
  • I pressed my chicken&cheese sandwich in the sandwich press, then as I was plating it, missed and it fell to the floor, so i discard the piece of bread that fell on the floor  and decide to salvage the remainder of lunch
  • I picked up two pretty girls, one of which I was sure made me look terrible by comparison
  • I got free parking on franklin street half a block away from the venue
  • I embarrassed and got embarrassed at the “Beatles unplugged” gig- cheered for Jonah, screamed for Chrisna
  • I picked up my second backpacker (this one, a young pom) – exchanged contacts so that if he was still in Melbourne on the 22nd May, he could make an appearance at my event
  • My hair smells of smoke but I’m too lazy to wash it out
  • I am convinced when I am rushing, I get the most messages and phone calls, and when I’m available, nobody else is. Yesterday I rushed
  • I didn’t spend enough time with God Almighty, today I will

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