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In the defense of the girlfriends of Jesus.

Posted in pin the tail on the love by enisea on 07/05/2010

It’s a derogatory. I remember it once remarked by a friend of mine (bless), how sickened it made him that half of the songs that churches sang sounded like love songs with added “Jesus”.  I understand (though I could never truly), that men could find a problem relating to God in the intimacy (likened to that of “boyfriend” sense) that many girls/woman do. I felt slightly offended, I admit, that year or so ago that he said it  – whatever it was that he said that I can’t remember.  So today, in my girlish delight of singing and dancing love songs to Jesus, I remembered the passing remark and felt inclined to defend those considered girlfriends of Jesus.

I begin my defense with a question: what comes to mind as the most loving relationship depicted on the face of the planet. I’d predict most would answer “that of the companionship between man and woman”. Sure, a smaller percentage would also reply that the love of parents is inbuilt and ultimate, however – if the case that the relationship between parents and their children is the most binding, adult children would never leave the houses of their parents and that very rarely happens.  So without waiting for your response, I’ll go ahead and assume everyone honestly believes (this not weighed upon experience, but mere perception) that the relationship required for holy matrimony should be the heaviest evidence of love in a relationship.  Furthermore, in western society, before qualifying for holy matrimony (PAUSE – I feel the need to define:

holy: set apart
the rite, ceremony, or sacrament of marriage.)

…in most circumstances, even before qualifying for engagement (which is a considerable heavy promise; the precursor to the ultimate promise of faithfulness: the promise to promise faithfulness), there is a claim of boyfriend and girlfriend. Point one: The boyfriend stage is (should be) the intention of ultimate intimacy (no, not sex…marriage), so the notion of being swept away by the love of God – which is everlasting and unfailing, is clear. (But wait, there’s more)

HOWEVER, I am aware that western society has many practices, I wouldn’t recommend agreeing with, in the name of “liberty and political correctness” (may I comment that political correctness has got to be hell’s definition of “everybody’s right, nobody’s every wrong”, when clearly, that’s a corrupt thought because people are wrong most of the time). I digress.

I’m not justifying referring to Jesus (Son of God) in a boyfriend sense, goodness knows He deserves a much higher and greater respect and adoration. I’m justifying the intention (although the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so why defend at all?)

I’ve begun to dig myself a hole. And I shoot off on many different tangents.

Allow me to conclude my not very concise fumbling.

I love singing love songs to Jesus, to God, to the Holy Spirit. I adore Him.  I am so in debt to Him and so hugely affected by his ever constant love, His strong and deep love, that I find myself noting favourite songs that sound mostly like love songs, the sort that make you roll your eyes if you listen to love song dedications with Richard Mercer, but the ones that lovers go soft over. Because most of the time it sparks a memory, a reminder of a time when promise guarded their hearts and laced it with fearless adoration, and that’s why I like singing love songs.  So, though many love songs  through the times and tides of church music fashion changes, I don’t believe the adoration and sincerity behind it do.  Well that completely depends on the singer.  Anyway, different songs remind me of different times of an evolving relationship, memories of peace or of havoc in which I find peace, or of re-realising the sovereignty of an incredible God.

Look, I suppose everyone adores, cherishes, appreciates, loves differently.

I don’t have an argument anymore.


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