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qualifying pride

Posted in handfuls of ambition, how was your day?, thought spills by enisea on 23/05/2010

Today I was confronted with the observation that most of my kids had an alarming amount of pride for their age.  It was as if there was a quota of pride required for a comfortable existence…OR the comfortable existance had led to such a noticeable quantity of pride. I’m talking about the pride that refuses simply to ask for something and rather make a big deal and then walk away without desired item for the sake of sticking to one’s guns, even if that gun is a cap gun, with ability only to make noise in a small puff of smoke.  Because apparently people have the rights to do whatever the heck they like, because…just because.

Have we really taught our children that the best survival technique and the most efficient wave to ride in life is the one that gratifies how much better or more deserving we are than others?  Beauty conventions, “because you’re worth it”s, narcissistic popularity, early sexualisation, apathetically ‘cool’ parents, “hey don’t – it’s mine, get your own” and warped perceptions of ‘cool’ are eating away at the hearts of children so that by the time they’re teenagers of comfortable lifestyle…goodness knows.

Can generosity only be afforded by the rich? Is chivalry dying? Is gentleness only for the weak? Do I love you because we had sex?  What do I get out of it? Don’t they want to fix this and just apologise already?  Would you tap that?  Am I only established if I own lots of things susceptible to fire?
IS THIS WHAT WE’RE MODELLING?? Oh Heaven, come quickly, we’ve ended our own lives.

Dear God, how do I unteach ugly habits and model the valiant characteristics you desire to surface in the human race? We’re quite clearly disgusting.

ps: we raised $500 for Compassion last night. A little step to a big change. Thank you beautiful, beautiful people for contributing in both labour and funds! You’ve made a world of difference!


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