the dance of the ink riddled fingers

beautiful stranger

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day?, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 25/05/2010

10pm at Frank Tate, I sit in the far right corner from the entrance. I had occupied the leather lounge swivel one-seater for two hours prior, and then left to relieve myself and allow recess to my square eyes. Upon return, I retrieved my bible from amongst my infestation of “stuff” and sat under the lamp a meter away for it gave brighter exposure to the thin pages I sought comfort from. Although I had mother’s ipod playing in both ears, I noticed (without acknowledging) the man who sat on the yellow fabric swivel one-seater (two feet from my one-seater) pack up and walk around the back of me and leave. I didn’t bother anything about it and I finished reading chapter 14 in the book of Mark.

I returned to my seat and found gold on top of my closed laptop. It was the torn edge of a leaf of notebook, on which was written (in the warmest possible capitals) “GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DYSLEXIA ESSAY!!!”. Yes, the three exclamation marks seemed to jolt me back into motivation.

It would take a highly unobservant or preoccupied somebody not to gather from my furrowed brow, consistent typing and collection of books titled ‘Dyslexia’  – which I had strewn on the floor around my seat, that I was writing an essay regarding dyslexia. But it was a nice specific, just so that I knew the note was for me and not accidentally left on the wrong friend’s stuff.

I think it takes a brave and beautiful stranger to leave such stimuli for smiles for another stranger.

Thank you, beautiful stranger. You have validated my ridiculous idea of remaining at university until 2am, then finding shelter for a handful of hours before returning again. I will look out for you next time, so I can thank you for your well-wishes! Wear a white shirt and slacks again so I can recognise you. You made my night.  I hope another stranger makes yours.

Abba, you send me love and I accept. Thankkkkk yoouuuu!


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