the dance of the ink riddled fingers

i didn’t have to be brave

Posted in heroes of mine by enisea on 14/06/2010

It’s incredible, the liberty of releasing layers. Letting prides fall to the floor and simply being as you felt, without needing translate it into civilised composure. Being weak because you felt it, being raw because you felt striped, showing pain because of injury and being apprehensive and afriad because of limited vision. Thank you, to she who met me. I didn’t have to smile, I didn’t have to get back up quickly, I could gradually recover from my distress and not have to cover it hastily. I suppose the reinforcement of being held together both literally and figuratively was a relief I hadn’t known for some time. I appreciated it. The words were rubies but I was a little hard of hearing with my ear against the front of your shoulder.  It’s nice being able to lean on another. You must be strong.

Best. Mentor. Ever.

Thank you.


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