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Posted in handfuls of ambition, heroes of mine by enisea on 28/06/2010

May I just say that growing up in this microwave, superficial, consumerism complacency (otherwise known as western’s twenty-first century), has embedded such perspectives of vanities within me that I am surprised when “beautiful” women try to make the world a better place. 

Allow shallow reason to perceive “beauty”.  Now, in the context of the narcissistic ignorance that engulfs the more fortunate halves of humanity, “beautiful” women should really just enjoy being “beautiful”.  “Beautiful” women should play the world for the shallow love-sick thing that it is and sit in senseless adoration just because they can; because she is an opportunist, and whatever her occupation, she is loved because she looks good, therefore while she looks good, she’ll use the world – because it will fall over itself in hopeless blindness, because it is both hopeless and blind.  I will not delve into the controversies and opinions around “beauty” because that is not my point or argument today.  I simply feel the need to express adoration to the beautiful women I know who don’t believe in social standings and who are without conceit or arrogance, who see beauty in those who are not replicas of fashion magazines and whose words build up and heal those blessed enough to converse with them.

I look at these women and wonder where they got the heart from. Why are they less obsessed with the shallow and why do they love the people before them?  How are they so humble?  How did they put serving others and seeking to restore humanity before the mirror that flatters them?  I see in these women absolute reproach for injustice, a humility that sees people as equals and not categories of fashionable, society and popularity (or lack thereof).  Eyes that detect the gold in each silhouette, words that sooth the soul. She is equip with gentleness and kindness and a genuine interest in you.  Her jokes were and are never at the expense of another, and when she laughs she triggers your own.  She really cares.  She rather sit in the corner and talk to the fumbling person whose conversation is not as entertaining than take a hundred photos of herself with a trained hand at vanity. Unafraid to look lowly, without a qualm for getting her hands dirty for the cause of another, and far from boastful.  Mindful of correction and inquisitive of morale, open-minded enough to learn from a most unlikely teacher – she never knew enough but always more than everyone else.

I seem to have been very confronted by these women lately. I admire them, I am slightly jealous of them, I try to be like them.  Are they only so selfless because they have everything? Or do they have everything because they are selfless?  I am blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. I kid you not, I am endlessly amazed by both the quality and quantity of these beacons of light that glare almost blindingly around me.  It has assured me lately that all is not lost.  There are pretty people I know who care less about being pretty and more about being pretty selfless and pretty good company.  They make the world a better place. They redefine “beauty” and show contempt for no-one.

Thank you, to you women whose humility has clothed you in such splendor and proved purpose outweighs purtiness! The world is your oyster only because you dig through the stink to find the pearls. 

I weigh your words and find them invaluable. Thank you for taking the time for me, a few moments here, an hour there. Thank you for caring for those I disregarded and thank you for being a hope through the of-late deprivation of everything deeply meaningful. I can’t believe half of you are single. 
Where are the valiant men to compliment such as you?

You reflect the most Jesus of characters!  Ahh Jesus, I love the You in them.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. 


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  1. Sleeven said, on 28/06/2010 at 3:54 AM

    late night/early morning entry, a great one too! took me awhile to get through it since i’m tired but never to tired to hear from You unbiological Sister :) You’ve already started to become more selfless by the day/night and i’m definately proud to witness your growth.

    p.s. i’ve fallen in re-love with that book you gave me :)

    p.p.s. hope i’ll become a valiant man with a beautiful woman.. that’ll get married before hologram wedding invites :P

  2. Rach said, on 28/06/2010 at 11:30 PM

    wow, that always challenges me, and it’s never good when my parents keep saying I AM vain!

    thank you for your words nikki. As always

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