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blow my cover

Posted in 52 pickup by enisea on 30/06/2010

Oh shoot me. I haven’t exceeded my cap in about a year now…so I’m not happy to see a bill for $94.85.  Gee, I never text. Lies, all friggen lies.  I don’t have a boyfriend and I can’t even remember calling people – how on earth did I rack up this bill? UGH.  If your name is Bill, I don’t want to meet you.

Talk - national         $156.65
Talk - international     $79.65
Talk - special            $2.35
MMS - national            $2.00
SMS                     $155.20
Total Cap eligible      $395.85
Cap Discount -          $301.00cr
Total ($49 Cap + $45.85 usage above limit) $94.85

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