the dance of the ink riddled fingers

project: life.

Posted in how was your day?, thought spills by enisea on 03/07/2010

tonight, as i sat thoughtless on the couch watching some drama having returned from trying at life, i realised i had made projects of the life i live. what this means is that i insist on commencing these ambitious ideals, compartmentalised. therefore, sadly, if friends, events or good ideas didn’t contribute or further my progress with a given project(s), i would “thoughtfully” dismiss it in the name of fulfilling life.  now i’m not so sure.

i am sure of the things i want to achieve, but i’ve found myself staring down something i can’t quite comprehend; wondering if i’m doing this right. will i get my desired products? will i get to where i want to be i’m meant to be? why do i keep dismissing the things i usually dismiss? this project: life approach, seems to fit at points in life but does not apply fittingly to the entirety of life.  see, i’ve just ‘completed’ a latest project (on the 29th of june, 2010): reading the bible, the whole bible. and to be honest, i do and don’t know what to do next. well of course, read it again! but how? sure, word by word, line by line. what am i looking for? where do i start? which question do i want to answer first? my loves, stay tune for the next episode, Question: life.

to the beautiful who just told me "i love you always", 
you've bought my peace enough for a good sleep tonight. 
this restlessness can gnaw at me later.

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