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Posted in handfuls of ambition by enisea on 09/07/2010

OK OK, so I can’t pretend nothing’s happened when something has. I might be in love, but I can’t be sure.  I was wondering when to break it to you.  It’s sort of exciting but I didn’t want to disappoint you while it was still little so I was gonna wait till it had grown a tad before trying to impress you. BUT HEY! You frequent this page enough, so if you’re faithful to this page, you may or may not be interested in…

So I had finally caught up with a golden girl whom I hadn’t caught up with in over a year – her being in seattle and all…and we were simply going to “people watch”. And by people watch, I mean, we’d find somewhere cosy and watch people. Rivetting – absolutely. And we’d probably have writen narratives or poems with designated people as our inspiration and then compare what we’d made up about strangers and perhaps even give it to said persons, just to make them feel especially awkward about having been observed and watched and written about.  Because people, when you don’t know them, are exquisitely beautiful (and when you do know them, are puzzling, frightfully similar to you and secretly even more stunning). Except we didn’t people watch. Because before we did, I ended up rattling on about this idea I’ve had for at least a year…and lo and behold, with the gentle nudge of beautiful friend we were out on the streets in Melbourne city, dream catching.

So this baby’s finally out, and she’s not much to look at for the moment. But watch her grow, feed her with dreams and be inspired. Because the last two weeks have been harder and colder and a little more lonely and of much more awful warring with self, and this has been one glimmer of hope that I hope to rear into a hopeful, inspiring thing.

Tis called THE TODAY DREAMERS and it’s at wordpress [dot] com

…and if you’re that unassuming, you really don’t deserve dessert.


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  1. Dazz said, on 20/07/2010 at 8:08 PM

    *looks around for a suspicious red head*
    I wonder if the first paragraph and last sentence are linked!

    • enisea said, on 21/07/2010 at 11:26 AM

      You ALWAYS think everything is about relationships!
      I’m not going to say whether they’re linked – hopefully that way curiousity kills you.

      take that.

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