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a favour for a friend of a friend

Posted in handfuls of ambition, thought spills by enisea on 15/07/2010

So, a friend of a friend is doing an fourth year honours project, “researching tobacco smoking in relation to young adults aged eighteen to twenty five years of age. The title of [her] research is Smoking behaviour among young adults and perceived motivators to assist in initiating smoking cessation.”

ten/fifteen minutes:

If you are not 18-25, there’s no point you doing this, I just thought I’d stress that.  However, if you are 18-25 and your at this page, you’re probably wasting time anyway, might as well spend it to benefit somebody else!  Her name’s Joyce, apparently.  And she’ll probably be grateful.

My empathy reaches to other fourth year students. I'll have to carry out a research project
soon enough, but I can only question teachers at a particular school...ahhh the limitations! 
But the particular school likes me, so it shouldn't be altogether chaotic.  A week and a
half till last semester! And I say "last semester" because I will not fail anything. In fact,
I shall get at least distinctions for all of my subjects because I've begun to realise the
more efficient study strategies in time for a final shot at it all! Haha! Famous last words.

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