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a place where nothing’s gonna bring me down

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day?, i like to music music by enisea on 21/08/2010

I owe thanks where thanks is due to the handful of people over this week: Thank you Jonathan for fixing my laptop.  Thank you Ken for trying so hard to get my recorded assignment working and for lending me your usb – I really want my own now! Thank you Daniel for driving to fitzroy for me at 1:45am last night, driving me home before heading home to the sticks – though I never asked you (I assumed you were coming with Ray – but you came when it was he who offered!  I wasn’t offended, just surprised). Thank you Mother, for always worrying caring over me, and calling when I’m not home at midight, and every hour after.  Thank you Miles for also being very assuring, gentlemanly and calling to make sure I was fine. Thank you Deb for your words, your encouragements. Thank you Wilba for your steady hand of support. Thank you D for lending me your camera and taking some snaps for me. Thank you Pickles for helping with the photography. Thank you Allie for being a last minute model. Thank you Chee for the friendly bump-into at uni and the quick side squeeze of a hug – I actually really needed it. Thank you Aunty Janet for the prayer. Thank you Abba, for forgiving over and over and loving regardless.  Thank you everyone I’ve neglected this week for not noticing, or for forgiving anyway. Thank you everyone who’s voted, for voting for my dress.

I’m getting to the place where nothing’s gonna bring me down.

I haven’t had a saturday to do nothing in ages.  Still a little fat with foreign thoughts. God Almighty, we’re on the way!


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  1. saNdra said, on 31/08/2010 at 7:24 PM

    heys! hope ya doing well ! ^^

    just thought i’d let ya know ACMI is hiring!! visitor service officers for their disney exhibtion =]

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