the dance of the ink riddled fingers

i will make excuses until i can no longer breathe

Posted in 52 pickup, heroes of mine, how was your day? by enisea on 26/09/2010

I met two. She was beautiful (unconventionally and refreshingly so) and was the first person to guess that my nationality had anything to do with looking El-Salvadorian or remotely Spanish. He, firstly was shy to reveal his tattoo and although very analytical, was equally defensive; however, he correctly guessed my heritage – I refuse to consider being Malaysian by nationality – being proudly Australian and all. So I and my two new friends for the evening sucked it up and sat in the “cold” because he wanted to smoke a couple of sticks while she was freezing.  I didn’t feel so sensitive that night so I didn’t mind firstly that I sat in smoke, nor felt the cold gnaw at me.  I was probably too tired to protest or even feel like it. 

He was the first male kind I know to comment analytically on fingernails. More than commenting on the colour and neglect of her half peeled, polished nails, he went so far as to specify which colours he found more attractive and then began to analyse the female company he had obliged outside by reading the keep of their fingernails. To her, he accused of trying, but being lazy and dared to assume her room was a mess and she hadn’t changed her pillowcase in a while.   We were shocked but implored him continue. To me, his character assumptions were a little less offensive as he glanced at my unpolished and cleanly cut nails framed with about a millimetre of white and told me I was unique and “a rebel” in the sense that I probably wasn’t one to conform. I was relieved but uncertain of whether it were true – sure my shell likes to seemingly repel conformity but I know I am fooled and attracted to lives that I don’t live in the deceptive “grass is greener on the other side” mirage.

I don’t know what the point of this retelling is…I’ve met lots of different people lately, in the last week to say the least. All beautiful. All interesting and intriguing. All starkly contrasting in personality from…me.  But I’m hungry for more. To meet more people, to be challenged, to be intrigued, to be taught different perspectives, different ideas.

I really can’t escape this paperwork. I will make excuses until those who assess me can see through my every “umm” and “ahh”. I will postpone this submitting until… perhaps, Wednesday.  Why do I do what I do?


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