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what a wonderful world!

Posted in heroes of mine, how was your day?, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 15/10/2010

My love!

Bizarre that I am here now because my nature is to come here as a last resort to try to understand a feeling or day or situation that is uncomfortable, unkind, unflattering etc. I usually type things I don’t know how to tell people but require relief from. I didn’t come here to procrastinate or to wallow, or even to talk myself out of wallowing! 

Today is wonderful.  I was and wasn’t prepared for it.

It was a glorious day in sunshine yesterday and today is some sort of opposite – apart from the fact that it is still a beautiful day…in different regards.  It is raining.  Which means that walking through streets all you see is umbrellas for heads and the occasionally soaked person. I came equip with a light-ocean-blue oversized raincoat, yellow gumboots and mother’s black umbrella, with a childish sort of excitement, fearless of flooded drains and giant puddles.

After a three hour lecture, we spill out into the streets as the rain giggles over us. About 20 students collect at this particular set of lights, waiting for the green man to permit us passage. If I recall correctly, we all had umbrellas, or were huddled together in kindness for our neighbours. Then there was Owen.  He was about a metre behind the pack as I approached the collective.  He had a raincoat but his hood was down and he waited without complaint.  I asked if he’d like the shelter and the most beautiful eyes met mine!  He thanked me with words I took a few seconds to decipher and when I asked if he wanted his hood up, he nodded, again with the most beautiful eyes.  By now his hood had collected droplets but it offered relief at least mentally.   I couldn’t pull his hood over his head on the first clumsy attempts and so had to (slightly awkwardly) undo the velcro under his chin before pulling his hood over his head and closing it back again.  We talked as we walked to the library.  He was lovely.  The attention he gave me made our arrangement to walk to the library, more like a bargain (in my favour), because as I offered him a few minutes of plastic shelter and he gave me himself for that same period.  We agreed that God was good to us and wished each other well with assignments and the rest of this very promising day.  He seemed to remember everything I had mentioned and wished me well for my trip to China.  I walked away knowing my day was no ordinary day.

Did I mention I went to an amazing gig last night?  Beautiful, beautiful, talented people!! Beautiful, beautiful, amazing crowds and company!  All for a beautiful cause! I felt totally spoilt! I’m surrounded by good-looking people…ALL THE TIME!

Oh and let’s ignore sequence for today and regale everything out of order!  This morning I woke up in a cloud of warmth. I woke up, firstly, feeling sufficiently rested (which is strange because i only had 5 or so hours of sleep) breathing regularly and without a choke or a cough. It took me a little while to remember my ailments of bronchitis and everything that monster entails, but I stirred in murmurs of “hallelujah” and whisperings to God,  feeble prayers that today would not be hellish, considering my self-inflicted circumstances of a 100% assignment to sort of beginning and finish before my flight tomorrow…

Soaked in a peaceful contentment I walk through the rain mumbling a tongue I don’t understand – trying to remind myself that ‘reality’ is governed by something deeply meaningful which I often forget.

I received a warming call from a friend, and the sweetest message from another wishing me well and remorseful for forgotten to give me a big hug before I depart – though it be for only 10 days.

I don’t know. It’s just been good.  And I KNOW my writing has sort of deteriorated because I hardly write anymore and I don’t really remember how to do so as well as maybe I used to- not that I was that good before.  But I used to feel more assured, more pedantic.

Ok, I have to start this assignment now, which I don’t feel too stressed about. I’m sort of glad I have to do it – my philosophy for teaching. It’s going to remind me how to be passionate for ideals and excellence again. I’m terrible at consistently. And now my sentences don’t even string well.  See that? I just broke one of the rules of quality literacy…NEVER start a sentence with “and”. I’m in love with today.

And with that, goodbye.


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