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minimising and maximising Christmas.

Posted in thought spills by enisea on 06/12/2010

It’s been two or four years now (excluding last year) that I’ve obsessed over buying Christmas presents for everybody!  It’s ravaged my circle in a way that a Christmas dinner is organised and then begins the “exchange” of gifts.  Here is my problem – the exchange, although unspoken, has become a pressure. It is thought of as questionable if you receive a gift yet the giver receives none from you.  There is a “disappointment” from the would-be-receiver and a “guilt” for the would-be-giver, which is really very wrong. We do not give for the sake of fulfilling an “exchange”.  God forbid that is what Christmas has become!  So I’m stopping that.

Ok, thanks is due to a golden girl for reminding me not to succumb to consumerism’s xmas. Instead, I messaged the few friends who might be likely to be pressured to buy me something (with the possible fear they may disappoint an unspoken expectation) that it was unneccessary.  I don’t want to encourage the culture of disatisfaction or happiness as equivalent to more ‘stuff’.

Actually, I’m almost certain it has been proven that the less one has, the more they appreciate.  I don’t know how but I’m going to make myself a minimalist. I used to love collecting – but I know these collections are useless. I KNOW they’ll just collect dust, I know they will fade to nothing. I’m a great collector.  It really doesn’t help me in life.  Other than taking people’s breath away when they step into my room and gawk at the ridiculous amounts of stuff I’ve hoarded, and how most of the time you can’t see most of my carpet…


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