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Posted in frozen frames, how was your day? by enisea on 07/12/2010

Twentyone, seven, six. That’s how old I am.

Today I hugged a friend for no reason. It was nice. Driving home, I considered hugging the others more often too…just in case I didn’t have long to.  Life’s good like that, no matter how much money you spend on any given occasion – it’s the amazingly priceless events that make it worth something.

Today, I wore my yellow gumboots and carried my bright blue rain jacket into the city because it rained for the two deciding minutes before I left the house – I saw not a drop afterwards… but a stranger with a camera approached me and asked me to let him take a photo of my ridiculousness on a 25degree day (well he didn’t say it like that) so I said yes (he said he was trying out a new lens and was waiting for someone with a bit of colour on them to walk the drab streets). He took 2 minutes of my awkwardness and uncertainty, then he asked if I wanted a copy of the photos when ready and was probably ready to take down a contact but the lights changed and I told him it didn’t matter to me, “I trust you”, then crossed the road because I needed to get to work in eight minutes.  I messaged Debbie and she simply replied “If I see ur face photoshopped on naked ppl on the internet, I will SO laugh”.  This concerned me. Then I strugged it off, hoping this stranger wasn’t as potentially horrible as he could be. If you see a photo of me anywhere for that matter in yellow gumboots and a red headcloth and holding a blue rainjacket…let me know – it’d be intriguing to know where it ends up!

As for the photo above. Went to the beach on Saturday past: beautiful company, incredible sunset and pleasant breeze. Life is rich.

Nothing in particular.


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  1. saNdra said, on 11/12/2010 at 10:52 AM

    love that photo! and yes! your yellow gumboots are quite the spectacular =]

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