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Carols by Sunset!

Posted in how was your day?, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 11/12/2010

I’m feeling warm… very warm.  In fact, this feverish romance has seeped out from my heart and permeated my physical.  I’m feeling so abuzz, it’s incredible!  We’ve just returned from an inspiring ‘Carols By Sunset’ Christmas concert at one of my favourite places: 1070 Stud Road, Rowville.  Haha! I’m so in love with my church – I’ve never met such a mixed bag that works like clockwork, as ours!  We’re all so different and it seems to work better that way!  There’s a mechanical fit in our passion that disregards the fact that under no other circumstance would we have any reason to get along – let alone work together!  From 4pm (when everyone was still panicking about our unpreparedness and  the changes of plans) til now (which we knew would always taper off well, with the awe of an another amazing evening) I am breathless!  Somewhere between the former chaos and the now sentiments of love, God tweeked something and decided not to let us fall by our own lacking efforts; covering our tripped momentum with a fluidity unexpected by our previous self-critiques.  Unusually, just moments before I hopped onto stage, I was extremely stressed.  But OH THE RELIEF knowing that once I was up there, my insecurities and short-fallings  were covered by a romantic God who loved me enough not to let me humiliate myself!

Haha! I was told the most wonderful thing tonight. That my writings moved someone. Somehow – even if she was the only one I ever moved and even if nobody else ever read my articles – the writings for the entire year would still be justified.  Haha, I reread what I’d writen again – and didn’t find it altogether fluid, but it was all she needed then and am honoured that I might have caused another to hope.

Life seems to be moving.  Two weeks ago I had no idea what and where I’d be in 2011, but it seems I only need to move my feet and somehow a path appears before me!  Somehow this purpose I crave yet don’t know how to achieve is being shaped!  Funny thing, the more I fall in love with people, the less I care about myself!  Makes sense, right?  So on nights like these when I’m reminded how AMAZING everyone else is, and how much we complement each other, nothing could go wrong! As sleep deprived as I felt/feel, I was apprehensive to leave the company of the few amazing people left – who I don’t actually know very well, but admire anyway!

Blah, blah, blah, I’m in love with my church.  Best. Family. Ever.  I am so rich. I am so spoilt. I am so supported. I am loved!  And I could not be more thrilled that tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday means church…again!

Mmm, life is delicious right now.


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