the dance of the ink riddled fingers

What can I do? There is no love.

Posted in heroes of mine, i like to music music by enisea on 13/12/2010

The title is comprised of my favourite two tracks by my favourite live act.

This one is definitely closer to home!  His name is Charlie Lim, and he lives a suburb away from me.  I met him playing in a bar/club one fateful Sunday afternoon a year or two ago, equip with just an acoustic and his delightfully suave voice.  After that first acquaintance, I was undeniably attracted to his sound and came to watch him nearly every week afterwards at his Sunday afternoon slot (most times alone, sometimes with company) for the few months he maintained his entertainment slot.  I’d tell my friends about him with this girlish infatuation and received generous dealings of teasings.  I am often favourably inclined towards the charming – and with a voice like Charlie’s, charming is just a hum away.  In terms of his person, he’s incredibly down to earth, noticeably geekly, humble, a good hand at writing and with a cleverly sarcastic sense of humour.  For the groupies out there ready to fall in love, he is devoted to the beautiful and talented Aimee (a photographer who most could only dream of becoming).

Back to the music. If you were to feed your ears with Charlie Lim, it may be likened to licking melted cherry-ripe off the inside of the wrapper, with evidence of such encounter on your fingers, the corners of your mouth and a dab on your nose, then trying to clean yourself up without the aid of napkin or water.  It’s a little guilty-sticky. It’s hard to hide the fact that the music has influenced the listener – it makes you want to avoid looking love in the eye, stubbornly trying to be stronger than needing vulnerability (which these tunes are drenched in).  These are the cries of the stupid-lonely elements of independence.  Lyrics affect me, the brass disarms me, and my limbs disobey order in whimsical swaying dance.  It’s beautiful to twirl to in bedroom for one, or two. AHH, CHARLIE!  I live, love and die all in the span of the song’s duration.  Contrary to song title, there has been so much love invested into these tracks – heart and soul and much, much effort.  Don’t be stiff – let the music sway you. I always do.

This drives me insane – I’m my best kind of person insane.

This music is my guilty pleasure.

It could also be yours.

For free.

With love (or lack of).


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