the dance of the ink riddled fingers


Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 15/12/2010


Special mentions to Jac Jac and Kenji who came down way earlier just for me, only for me to be late and consequently them being 15 minutes late to work, with also Jo and Daniel who came up at the same time as them – just before work and late for it.  Thanks Pickles for getting there 45 minutes before me because I was that much later than scheduled. Thanks to D who left work earlier and followed me around because I had no camera for a little!  Thanks to Gabby for waiting an hour and a half after her work shift finished for the ceremony to finish just to see me in grad gear and be my photographer and company for the night! And lastly but not leastly, thanks to my family for being there for my entire life and coming along!

OH and brownie points to Jac Jac and Kenji who missed their first train after work because I didn’t pick up the phone (because it was on silent) and they were waiting for my reply to perhaps celebrate in the city with me! These are two of my favourite work people!  There’s something about them that just draws me!  Haha – they’re a different kind of beauty and restlessness.  I love their company – they make me feel totally accepted!

Thanks again to my 3 pro-photographers in order on the day: Pikkles (2, 3), D (4, 6, 7) and Gabbatron (1, 5). All brilliant photographers in their own rights!

Haha, about the graduation ceremony, it wasn’t all as boring as I’ve heard it to be. One and a half hours of buzz, trying to sit tight, texting throughout, clapping much and trying not to burst out laughing in our spying of academic heads falling asleep in their seats on stage!  So came our time to line up to the stage and dearest Daddio figured out too late that his iphone didn’t take video footage (or he didn’t know how to use it) so I was devastated that he didn’t get a video of me collected my $16K certificate beaming and wriggling a little for my 10 seconds of spotlight!  Oh, but I must mention the beautiful comradery about our particular course of 100females and 1 male. Because unlike the polite tame clapping of the other courses, our level whooped and cheered for each graduate as they collected their statement of official teacherdom!  It was cute and warm and we were all so abuzz!  I’d happily attend another graduation ceremony!

Anyway, I’m officially a teacher. All I need now is a class.


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