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tumbling onto another bandwagon

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 18/12/2010

I’ve just made a tumblr.

I’ve been thinking about doing so for a couple of days so I thought, heck – why not add to my useless things to be done list.  I don’t understand it at all. I find it very user unfriendly.  In fact my original intention for getting a tumblr – to follow and/or comment and/or like the posts of two or three people on tumblr is rendered a useless because I really don’t know how to use it… so I gave up trying to figure it out and put up a couple of pictures instead.

Ridiculously, (to date) I have seven blogs. You may know up to five, you will never see two. I don’t know why I insisted on spreading myself out so thin – feverishly spilling myself onto different pages which I wished to hide, funnily enough since the point of telling the internet is for somebody else to see, right?  Anyway, chew on that for a while – the fact that you don’t actually know me that well.  Haha, you actually know me pretty well, honestly, since this page has been stained – it is the bulk of my thoughts.  The other pages are just very indicative offcuts of an even stranger me.


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  1. saNdra said, on 19/12/2010 at 3:37 PM

    ohla tumblr! lol i have one too ><"

    just wanted to say NEAT GRAD PHOTOS! in the below posts =]

    take care and have a great xmas break *nod

  2. Rach said, on 20/12/2010 at 1:01 PM

    love it my golden friend! It takes some getting used to… I have also figured out that Tumblr isn’t the best platform for a blog.. it’s more about reblogging other people’s stuff + pictures

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