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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 25/12/2010
It's Christmas and this how I feel:

So began my celebrations at 9:50am when I was greeted by the beautiful people at my beautiful church with hugs and hearty exchanges of “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and pretty papered packages.   Dare I say I am so rich – though my bank account claims a whole 88cents.  Somehow, my riches are much thicker than the dollar figure on an atm screen.

From the guy sporting a wife-beater and santa hat in the bomb of a sedan behind me as I drove to the Christmas Service (we exchanged lip-read “Merry Christmas”s via mirrors, a wave and smiles), to the ambush of nerf fire – the day seemed delightfully joyful.  I probably had too much fun and food to remember the real reason for Christmas throughout the entire day.  One tends to take things for granted in situations of abundance.  So the real deeply rooted love underlining today’s romance was probably overlooked until this here moment of reflection!  I am loved, ever so much, ever so much!

This year, I had my most incredible KK (Kris Kringle) experience.  We were all given a budget of $15 to buy a present.  The gifts were wrapped and piled on the table which was attended to later that night.  Numbers were drawn as groans and glee filled the air. I got ’30’. It was a very good number to have.  Here’s how it went: it started with number 2, progressed to 30-something and then number 1 was lucky last.  Everyone grabbed a present at the same time and unwrapped it there and then (oh the sweet chorus of ripping paper).  Next we all held up our revealed packages as we inspected our own and each others’ gift for thirty seconds or so.  Number 2 targeted the prize she wanted and whether willingly or not, the person with the prize she wanted had to swap with her.  This part was hilarious. Did I mention my number was 30?  So ideally, since I was near the end of the progression of numbers, I should’ve been able to swap my prize (the dvd “Mallcop” and a chocolate bar) with the desired prize (the Nerf gun)…and keep it at this stage.  I did such a swap and gloated meanly over D, whom I had legally stolen the Nerf off (which he had stolen off another).  However, the game was not over until number 1 had chosen to swap or keep theirs.  Lo and behold, with much pleading and defensive possessiveness, the Nerf was sucesfully acquired from me, swapped with the book I had contributed to the KK exchange.  This was my heartbreak.  The game ended and I easily swapped my book with Aileeny, who had the orange scarf as I didn’t want to go home with the gift I had brought to the table.  Here’s a little history about the orange scarf: it had been re-gifted four years in a row and was pretty much the signature of our KK.  Every year everyone would mock the orange scarf and only hope it didn’t end up in their lap.  Guess who the winner of this year’s signature was?

We ended the evening running around for an hour with nerf guns.  Originally equip with one borrowed single-fire gun (which, by the way, required 7 pumps to pressurise a decent shot), I ended up with two – one in each hand and the box which I collected as much ammo as possible since everyone seemed content firing my way.  Oh, such childish exhilaration as we ducked and dived behind walls, tables, chairs and civilians – as invisible as Jack Bauer, and as strategic as The Kamikaze.  I have a new favourite game, it’s called “shoot everybody else with the nerf”.  But give me a hand-held over a machine gun any day.  I rather 6 shots and the freedom to run than 100 and a predictable location.

Heh, ridiculously enough I’d love to type about the meaning of Christmas, but I’m still riding the highs of running a circuit and being ambushed by Nerf-gunmen.  My rhythm is not quite settled or of deep thought, but of defense and torso/head shots.  But fear not!  The serious author will return soon as the New Year dawns and with it, reflection, musing and philosophies of life and how to do it better in the next 365 days.

Merry Christmas!

I hope you’re as surrounded by the most amazing company as I am!


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  1. saNdra said, on 26/12/2010 at 7:06 PM

    hope the joy overflows into the new year and beyond ^^

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