the dance of the ink riddled fingers

i hope she’s not another stupid reason not to believe in love… because love is as true as math.

I’m angry and I’m sad.  I don’t like people who hurt other people – especially the ones I love.  Not that I am one to speak innocently – I’ve hurt people in all manner of circumstances but not like that. I’ll give her a chance if you do. 

Prior to this ‘angry and sad’ I was very, very happy with my purchase of Jon Foreman’s Spring and Summer album, of which the above is track one.  I say purchase, but I had swapped a MacArthur study bible NES version (which Mother Dear had bought for me) with the NKJ which I preferred and so happened to be $20 cheaper.  So I added two $10 cds to that ‘swap’ which I was told at the counter all fell under the 20% off storewide category, thus warranting a $15.99 voucher for use later (Foreman’s “Spring and Summer” and Nordeman’s “Brave” which I wanted to buy eight years ago).  I will be incredibly impressed if you can determine the original cost of the bible with the information given.  I think math is beautiful!  It’s one of two things I hold concrete.  The beauty of “truth” being correct, which is only rivalled by the bible.  Haha, argue with me later – and you can only argue with me if you’ve read it all too.


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