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my father does his best to make me wife-material

Posted in epiphany tiffany, heroes of mine, how was your day? by enisea on 13/01/2011

Today we talked about the near future. I approached the parentals as they watched the “breaking news” in Brisbane, and after talking for a minute the volume  of news reports were turned to mumbles as the next hour of talk of job, further study, investment property, responsibility, budgeting and a sliver of “get married, have kids, then do whatever you want” ensued. It was wonderful.  They listened.  They let me spill a smudge of my dreams and ideas and therefore justifications for my immediate actions.  Then Daddio gave me his two cents worth (which he needed to verbalise to get over).  I am so relieved that as much as they both originally struggled coming to terms with me not going straight into full time…it’s starting to sink in, and they still support me so much.  I don’t mind getting full time. That’s the plan, but there’s no majority likelihood (not that I’ve ever lived by a majority likelihood) of getting 30+ hours, because sessional Kindergarten Teachers seldom get full-time opportunities.  Well, yesterday I considered bible college and today I really considered it…so after not-too-much thinking about it I think I’ll enrol tomorrow and if I get a full-time job, or two part-timers, I’ll defer, otherwise try my hand at part-time work+study. Which is all very exciting to me! It’s being grown-up and living student life at the same time – best of both worlds!  Furthermore, Daddio wants me to move out for 6 months to learn responsibility… but I was unwilling having heard too often “rent money is dead money”.  Instead I contracted myself into cooking dinners every Monday to expand my repertoire of wife-abilities and prove myself responsible.  I will also be returning my father’s credit card and taking up the expense for the Sonata (yes, yes, no longer “daddy’s little girl” – he’s trying to impose characteristics of a responsible wife on me).  Haha, I love it.  I think it’s a great idea! 

I know I’ve been really, really blessed in life (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – loving family, ample opportunities, necessities always provided for, amazing friends, beautiful church community, fully functional body, and a handful of specific talents and abilities.  I’ve been heaps protected and somewhat sheltered – not that I intend to brave this ugly planet  all at once – but I’ve had it easy, and perhaps too easy.  I need to be a little more responsible, pull my weight around the house, if I want to follow the ambition of my dreams.  Gee, I’m most inconsiderate at home…I think everyone is, but that’s no excuse!  My parents have done so much for us – I’ll never know poverty like they have, I’ve never yet faced such a harsh reality as they grew up in, hence I have no foundation to build parallels with the hardships they try to tell me about.  I’m such a rich kid.  From growing up in two large and poor families, having toiled and worked hard to make a decent income in Malaysia by young-adulthood.   Furthermore, wanting a life free of discriminated opportunities for their children, my parents became immigrants with no family in Australia, scraping the bottom of the barrel and living off cans of tuna and bread.  Now?  They have two adult daughters living in a nice house in a decent suburb at about the upper-middle class sector.  Tell me that’s not inspirational.  I live in such luxury…and if you have the time and internet to be reading my blog, you do too!

Well, the job hunting got a little more urgent.  Beautiful opportunities are popping up closer to home and it’s so heartening!  B proofed my resume and was refreshingly brutal.  For one who adores the weight of words and the power of the pen, I put a very lacking effort into those few pages intended to sell myself as employee-worthy.  I’ve never seen so much RED in any of my pieces before!  Haha, B really proof-red it. Heh. Pun.

Anyway, likewise with the family responsibility so be it with kids church. I don’t pull my weight around in that house enough either. So much in me has to change.  Every time I’m lazy, somebody else pays the expense – I’m so ridiculous.  Grow up, woman. 

I love these families. They’ve put up with me for so long!  Time to give back… or try to!

I also intend to be a good wife, come the occasion :P


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