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first the worst (dinner #1)

Posted in incr-edibles by enisea on 17/01/2011

The pies were dry.
The meatballs likewise.
The potatoes, sliced nicely, but I didn’t cook it long or thoroughly enough.

Haha! There is PLENTY of room for improvement!  I’m thinking that if my food looks ‘alright’ despite it not tasting impressive now, just you wait until I get good!  Come 2012, if not yet the end of the world, I would be a reasonably practiced kitchen hand… and the father could rest assured I’d find my way to a man’s heart at least through his stomach.

These, however, were incredible!  I call them “bitesize uglies”.  They overcompensated for the entire main.
DIY: shortcrust pastry, blueberries and dark cooking choc. 

This page may soon become a food blog.

Tomorrow’s food adventures take me to cafe 57, upon suggestion of Monica.  Keep the page up just for the theme music… I am.


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  1. jacjac said, on 19/01/2011 at 10:43 PM

    They look lovely nikki!! I would loveeeee to taste everything you make, dry and all. :)

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