the dance of the ink riddled fingers

saturday gliding besides the “river” – if you’d even call it a river.

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 22/01/2011

 I suppose the glee and/or adreneline of not having ridden a bike in years (say at least five years but more realistically nine/ten years) kept me balanced and beaming for the most part!  We glided on the path parallel to the liquid pollution we call The Yarra on the Yarra Trail!  It was wonderful!  I was feeling pretty weak this particular morning too, so I was very impressed that I didn’t faint or hyperventalate or something dramatic requiring ambulance response!  Hahaha, you know 16-18kilometres sounds extraordinary so I’ll just flash you that number!  Jeremy’s little distance counter we suspected was a little skewed as I’m sure exhaustion would have immediately ensued had I kept up with the more experienced riders for 22kilometres!  It was beautiful – save the watery-brown mess of a river and I’m incredibly glad that I overrode sighs of doubting my stamina.  Perhaps I’m not as hopelessly unfit as earlier thought.  This was incredibly revitalising!  My guess is that having not exercised in such a long time, my body had a fair storage of adrenaline which it was busting to inject into my bloodstream!  Although now my bum is a little sore (because it was too big and the seat was too small) and I’m starting to settle into a lazy-sunset-saturday mood.  Life is incredible and I love that amazing people with good ideas invite me to their outtings!


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