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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 25/01/2011

In contrast to last night’s implosion of unexpected trantrum, I am much more composed and not very angry/upset at all.  I don’t really know what came over me but I suppose now everyone knows I’m not immune to frustration – though I try to suppress it as much as possible.  I’ve been musing over the definition of “fairness” lately and it seems like a really lacking concept.  I’m beginning to think that there is less foundation for it to be used than we were taught in primary school.  Who are we to define fairness when perfection is something beyond our comprehension?  Hahaha, fairness, to me, is perfect conditions.  We’ve never had that. We’ve never lived with perfect conditions, and perhaps as close to perfection as our circumstances have been, we’ve never been made perfect in response to them.

But today is warm. I watch the water trickle playfully through the water pump in our home-made pond through the window.  I’ll go iceskating today with three other beautiful women and then work with people who intrigue me before taking the train to a station I’ve never taken the train to, to enjoy left-over korean food at a friend(whose birthday was yesterday)’s place with more incredible people.

Enjoy today!  Life is hopeful, even if it isn’t fair.


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  1. The Gods of Vice said, on 25/01/2011 at 7:57 PM

    perfection is such a human concept- and it is one of their lesser triumphs in my opinion. And exactly for the reasons you say- even if we come close to it, our response to it, how it moulds us, is certainly less than “perfect.” the cow in the field hardly thinks “this grass is less than perfect” as she munches serenely all day, not wanting for anything more. the dog curled up asleep in his basket is not thinking “this blanket chafes, but an argyle blanket, now THAT would be perfect!”
    i wish i had a homemade pond in my back garden! how lovely.

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