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oh to indulge in brass!

Posted in i like to music music, pin the tail on the love by enisea on 06/02/2011

Get yo jive on, dear groovers and twisters,
Here come news of another gig!  I anticipate the wonderful scene of moist and over-(body-)heated crowded dancefloors filled with lovers of brass!  Find your favourite pen and circle next saturday for the smooth caress of soulful live music.

I haven’t met these headliners before but I’m smiling to their recordings and I know that their live act will be much more exhilerating and of explosive volume!  They call themselves “The Transatlantics”… and of course they’re a good looking bunch.  Now my predicament this coming Saturday is firstly that I have to pick my parents up from the airport sometime about midnight – which I just know will be too early!  Secondly I’m rostered on at church on Sunday to help with the kids. Oh what I would give for this gig to be on FRIDAY!!  I’ll go for as long as I can but I foresee myself falling in love and getting my heart broken in the space of 3 hours.

Hahaha, I’m already under the influence of their brass. Making my way down their myspace, and I can’t be sure whether it’s the last minutes of adreneline, having just gone up the stairs at 1000steps twice or whether I just miss live brass.  Haha, I must confess that men in suits, slicked hair and a piece of brass in hand send shivers up mine spine to a giggling head. So adding to my hopes of dream husband, suddenly a “physio-chef” isn’t enough and I’d adore if he could blow a couple of tunes on some sort of horn/trumpet. 

So I invite you to join lip-bitten, smitten little I next Saturday. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I’ll get to catch at least a glimpse of beloved Saskwatch though they’re the last live act!   Doors open at 8:30-9pm, which means music will start after 10pm… and that’s being really hopeful! SO I’ve just been informed that Saskwatch will be kicking off the night at 9:30-10:30 which means that it doesn’t matter if I can’t get through the whole gig, I would be content just to see Saskwatch (though staying for the entire would be an absolute treat)! $12 at the door, which I find all very affordable for shortcuts to euphoria!!

Why love can’t be as easy as simply wonderful things like soul/jazz/funk is beyond me!


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  1. enisea said, on 14/02/2011 at 2:03 PM

    In order of preferences of the three bands from favourite to good on the night:
    1. Saskwatch rocked the night (early) and were easily the easiest to dance to.
    2. O.M.Gs were a great collective, less brass but sufficient bite and very danceworthy.
    3. The Transatlantics were a good band to accompany a beautiful 3-course dining, a little less intense than a jiving enthusiast would prefer, but still easy to appreciate and sway to.

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