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Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 21/02/2011

Today’s chills are a little bitey!  Sunshine’s indecisiveness on weather (pun) she feels like smiling or not has got me uncertain about the usefulness of my sunnies.  I have some sewing to do today, well I’ve yet to decide on hand sewing or stapling – of course sewing would be more aesthetically pleasing – but time is not on my side!  I have to change out of my pijamas, lest sleepiness recognise my outfit and impose on today’s intended productiveness.

I have to go, I’m only here to procrastinate…

All my love!

Ps: Kev’s going to teach me guitar :) There are 3, no, 4? maybe 5 guitar players I know of personally that totally rock the G, he is one of them. I’m aware that every-second-body knows how to play guitar, but I was hoping that learning from the best might rub a little off on me.

Pps: Buble concert tomorrow. Charm overdose in order.

Ppps: College starts Wednesday.


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