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Posted in how was your day?, i like to music music by enisea on 23/02/2011

Last night was pleasant, save the chills of a chilly night and blisters having forgotten what wearing heels felt like.

Daz, Kev, the Sister and I were much entertained by the entertainer, Michael Buble, yesterevening.  I suppose I could tell you that worshipping from afar has it’s drawbacks.  Having become familiar with enjoying live music within a couple of metres of a band, yesternight’s sitting about a kilometre (ok, maybe less) from the lights, beautiful brass and suave voice meant that the lack of intimacy between the music and I resulted in only mostly a smiling response to warm music (as opposed to dancing to the disarming heat of quality sound – which we were afforded, but hardly).  Now, ‘my closest’ know that I like things hot, scalding if need be.  I can still enjoy a warm chocolate… but give it to me hot and you’ve just whisked me into a realm where the chocolate has held me at arms length and made me wait for it despite an itching desire – whereby satisfaction is given no choice but to be savoured little sip by little sip. That, is irresistible.

Hahaha, that cannot even be applied to music! So that slice of FYI was probably irrelevant.

So back to the concert, it was pleasant… and I’ve never heard such clean brass in my life!  Sure, the union of 10+ brass players supporting the velvet voice of The Buble were seamless; but the solos, ahh, now they were otherworldly!  Boldly penetrating, it had me either squealing/gasping in girlish delight or closing my eyes and letting it wash over me.  Oh, what thrills it gave! Oh what chills it sent through me!  However, what vexed me for most of the night was the sitting down. Tell me why most of the entire stadium was seated?  I wanted to dance, I wanted to move, I was limited by my consideration for those behind me. Ugh, being nice and considerate has a way of capping enjoyment.  But it was impressive, I was impressed, I just wasn’t as moved as entirely as I usually am by my favourite sounds live.  Oh and Naturally Seven were the supporting act, they were pretty tight, I got photos with 4/7… I thought that was well achieved. Heh.

So, more news of gigs!! Beloved Saskwatch are at it again with their 7″ Single Launch! 

I’ve decided that although I haven’t frequented all their gigs, I’m pretty much fanatical about them and I will do my best also to inform my world about their brilliance.  I haven’t told them yet, but if I haven’t married one of them – actually, even if I do – they’re going to be my wedding band.  Haha, another thought which occurred to me during last night’s concert, how much more fun and how much more involved I get with Saskwatch gigs – euphoria costs me no more than usually $12 entry…which is hardly an expense for the satisfaction it affords me!  Kat comes and goes crazy with me, it’s our little time together!  We just have bonding time in the car with excited anticipation before and excited infatuation after each gig.  Oh, do rock up too!

In other news, I started college today and it was real pleasant. I’ve met some lovely and friendly people. Dare I say, everybody here is equip with a warm sense about them, like we’re all friends, we just don’t know it yet – ample smiles, handfuls of nods and “heys”.  Today, t’was my pleasure to meet…now I’d name them all because I wrote them down in my diary. The only problem with that is that I can’t find my diary.  It would be horrible if I left it at college because that would mean inconveniently retrieving it!  I’m pretty sure I’ve backtracked and foretracked about 3 times each way, so I’m almost certain it’s at college! Shame!!

Righteo, now to settle into reading today’s pre-lecture reading in post-lecture timing. I’m actually very organised already (bar losing my diary) seeing as further study was solely self-initiated and I was almost overly ecstatic about it.  Albeit, the nervous thought that as soon as I let down my game, the entire course, my part-time job, church commitments, friends, family and my overall wellbeing will come crashing down in a catastrophic failure is heart wrenching alone.  The familiarity I have with this scenario is all too “every year” for me.  I’m quite determined to nip it in the bud of February, this 2011, so that December can sigh relief and achievement with me.

Time for change, time to try.

Mm, pleasant.


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  1. linnykins said, on 23/02/2011 at 7:47 PM

    I know someone going to Michael’s Buble in Melbourne :) She leaves tomorrow. It’ll be a welcome break from the craziness that’s going on in my hometown anyhow…

    Have fun at college!! Friendly people are awesome.

    • enisea said, on 23/02/2011 at 9:29 PM

      Ohh he’d be good for her. Hope you’re holding out ok… NZ got hit pretty bad.

      Friendly people are beautiful.

  2. The Gods of Vice said, on 25/02/2011 at 5:51 PM

    Jeez Buble gets around.
    Saskwatch’s launch poster is nothing short of awesome, I love it!

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