the dance of the ink riddled fingers

the toff, twice: tuesday & thursday.

Posted in i like to music music by enisea on 07/03/2011

I’m going to alert your radars to the only two gigs I’d probably ever rave about (and I’ve mentioned before in some swoon-and-sigh post of loving live music): the currently undiscovered and humble youth of my generation by the names of Charlie Lim and Saskwatch.  Here’s just an FYI so that you too could become acquainted with talented souls alongside me. Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm onwards @ The Toff.  Yeah, I know, I don’t have time either – and there are very competitive and worthy priorities for my time – like paperwork: work and college… but I’ll be there anyway because I couldn’t bring myself to abstain from such indulgence in my favourite sounds TWICE IN A WEEK.  I will be dripping with glee by Friday and possibly swimming in my catch up with papercuts.

So unwise… so, so, so unwise.  But I’m going up with Gabatron before she flies off for a couple of weeks and I’m seeing Jac and Kat there for Charlie Lim on Tuesday, even if he is only a supporting act; and I just couldn’t miss Saskwatch’s LAUNCH – that’s mammoth and explosive I’ll be there up the front with my stupid fan whoops, cheers and singing along.  I’m not going to sleep much this week. I just know it… and it’s all self-inflicted.  My complaint’s are silenced.


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