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“happy easter bunny”

Posted in how was your day? by enisea on 08/04/2011

Term one complete!

This is how I feel: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Hahaha, real professional. 

 There we more little eggs, but I presume the sister ate the last crunchy and turkish delight ones – despite her crinkled facial expression at turkish eggs and handing me the half she hadn’t eaten.  Anyway, that’s it – the kids walked/ran out of the centre and I let it all fall from me with sighs of unbelief, meanwhile attending to this unrecognised emotion by diminishing the weight in our basket of left-over easter eggs.  I don’t know how I feel.  I’m not exactly overjoyed because I know there has been lack in my first term, nor am I completely relieved as my mountain of paperwork and Term 1 catching up is embarrassing.  I’m satisfied but very challenged. I’m just wrapping my head around the thought, “It’s over, I’m a quarter way through and I haven’t yet received any hate mail, been blacklisted by the education department or tyres slashed… And I’ve just been lavished with chocolate gifts – what’s going on?”

Having had the term to acquaint myself with amazing and intriguing children, I’m a little in awe that I’m afforded such privilege.  It’s really wonderful being allowed into their world, the ones that immediately open themselves to me, and then slowly, the ones who will take half the year gradually learning I can be trusted.  From learning to decipher their messy inaudible speak to reading the patterns of their natures and forecasting what weather should be expected and how to meet them wherever they’re at, ready…is ability still amateur in me.  Having parents approach me for advice regarding their child (as though my two and a half months of ‘real teaching’ part time and 4 years of paper-thin knowledge would definitely be the wiser against three to eleven years of parenting experience) is nice and terrifying.  Haha, whats more, I’ve been granted so much grace, patience and advice from the existing staff there – who, if they wanted, didn’t have to have anything to do with me, except my assistant – but they’re ALL lovely – and bizarrely, we all love turkish delight, amongst other things!  It’s nice, a really warm atmosphere, trusting, honest and open. We even love our cleaner… I don’t know if he likes turkish delight though.

There, my firt college assignment is late and the second (untouched) is due Monday 8:30am. So I plan to finish both by the end of Monday and begin paperwork and the next two assignments, while squeezing in a couple of extra earnings, clean my preposterous bedroom mess and meet up with the backlog of neglected friends…oh and swim and visit 1000 steps frequently throughout.  I love holidays, these next two weeks will be far from lazy!


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